In the SCA, I'm known as Alexander Younger, (formerly Alexander MacRus) and here you'll find an infrequently updated repository of information

A&S Bronze casting Glassblowing Weaving - Plaid Wood Camping Chests
Future stuff Roman Pipe Organ Oil Painting Weaving - Linen  

and corrections

Glass Vessels
(Pennsic 2009)

Glassblowing in Venice
(Feast of Divine Proportions, Sept 12th, 2009)
(St. Eilgius, Nov 14, 2009)

Events Co-Autocrat : BGI 2007 Autocrat : Quest 2007 Co-Autocrat : Mudthaw 2008 Settmour Swamp landagent (lots)
  Autocrat: Mudthaw XXX 2010      
Households House Ostrov Clan na Bhiethir    


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